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Through the books of old and ancient scripts, peace was by all means an aspect to be most valued and pursued at all costs… Seek peace and pursue of it.


More than ever, the present world seeks the path to true peace as the prevailing circumstances prove to be unyielding. There is need for a Peaceful Solution.


There will be no future for the living if no terms of peace are found in the present world! A solution must be found expediently for the sake of humanity.


The Peaceful Heart and Mind Changing Organization was registered in Kenya on 31st March 2011 under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act and is affiliated to the USA based Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated (PSCEI). PSCEI is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting character education as its main tool for positive character development. Concurrent with its purpose, the PSCEI has developed The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEI) with a variety of courses designed to reach all ages so the impact of character change can be realized and effected in society.

Persistent determination to bring a peaceful solution to the world’s problems has led to the publication of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. The PSCEI is organized for the purpose of maintaining a facility for authoring, manufacturing, distributing literature and multi-media presentations, conducting workshops, seminars, lecturing and conferences on a global basis, with the focus on secular character educational programming and curricula in service to the world.

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"Peace is a human necessity that begins with each of us... You can be a part of The Peaceful Solution today."

Gabryl Gitonga

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The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Positive Character is not something that a child is born with, it has to be taught. Children are constantly learning. They learn when we sit down and teach them, and they learn by watching others. Every influence they are exposed to has an impact, whether they observe their parents calmly discussing issues in the household, or they sit in front of the television watching violence. These influences shape their character. It is never too late to start teaching peace. No matter what the circumstances, or who is involved, everyone can benefit from The Peaceful Solution. Children and adults alike will see positive changes in their lives when the principles within The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program are applied. As adults, we must apply these principles in our own lives now to begin to change the violence around us to peace, and begin teaching the children around us these same principles. Our children are our future. What we teach them now is what they will build on. It is so important to establish a foundation of moral excellence by teaching right from wrong and positive ways to deal with conflict in our lives. It is a given that every child born will face conflicts and have to make choices on a daily basis. If we can give them the tools they will need to be able to weigh their choices and choose to act in a positive manner, then they will have that foundation to be upright, moral citizens in the societies of tomorrow. Conflict Resolution... Self- Control... Honesty... Respect. These are all character traits that must be learned. They are the tools that can be used to foster peace... but until now, they were not put together in a single program that could start with the basics and build to provide complete character education. Applied properly, the lessons taught in this program build a solid foundation. It has been designed so that you can start at any age and see results. No one is too young or too old to benefit from what is included in The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. We all know what kind of world we live in... but we can live in a better world. It is time to work together to make this world the safe haven that we all want... a place where our children can play outside without fear, where women can walk alone in safety, and where no one is a victim of someone else's whims. That world is possible through everyone practicing the basic, simple principles taught in The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. There is always something that you as an individual can do to help to promote peace. Program Details The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program Curriculum consists of student workbooks, teacher's manuals, and audio and visual aids where necessary to complete the lessons. Each grade level contains lesson plans that are simple and easy to follow. Individual Lessons are beautifully illustrated and teach the most basic and fundamental aspects of moral values in a "fun to learn" setting. Well Rounded From the basic concepts of ownership and respect for others, to the deeper issues of peer-pressure and how to make decisions and set goals, The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program teaches both young and old alike the building blocks of great moral character. This program covers in-depth what the students need to know in order to handle the situations they encounter on a daily basis. Each grade level has been designed with age-specific real world examples and activities that allow the students to be confident in the skills they are learning. Attention Grabbing Using picture flashcards for the young, and poems, songs and descriptive narratives on accompanying audio cassettes for all ages insures that the students will not only listen, but will be eager to participate in class discussions and activities. There are puzzles and role playing activities, art and even short research assignments for the upper grade levels, that allow the students to go beyond what they are hearing during the lessons and apply the concepts they learn to the world around them. Versatile The lessons are designed to have built-in flexibility to fit current events and different classroom situations. Schools, Daycare Centers, Homeschoolers, and other institutions have reported success with this program. Each grade level can be obtained individually, as well as student workbooks. No pre-set quantities are required to be purchased in order to use this curriculum.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

At Peaceful Heart and Mind Organization we have occasional events within a calendar year that are worth noting as we also travel to various missions locally, regionally and also globally. We visit hospital, prisons, schools and colleges in our quest to share the gospel that is of the Peaceful Solution. Feel free to contact us if you would be interested in being part of this dynamism and drive that we share at PHAMCO as a family.

PSCEP Mission

PSCEP Mission

As with the Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated which is a 501(c)3 non-profit, secular educational organization, the Peaceful Heart And Mind Changing Organization seeks to enhance the lives of all people by promoting peace through educational programs and curricula designed to develop positive character.

PSCEP History

PSCEP History

Pioneered by President Yisrayl Hawkins, The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program began in 1994 with parents and teachers who were disturbed that positive character development was rapidly deteriorating in our society. Their concern prompted them to embark on a mission to stop the decline and bring back positive social behaviors to society. President Yisrayl Hawkins, also Curriculum Director and Author of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program, has been diligently presenting the PSCEP to individuals, community representatives, as well as world leaders through books, forums, conferences, television and radio talk shows and international meetings. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated was officially established as a non-profit organization in November, 2001. As the main teaching tool for positive character improvement, the Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated has been promoting The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program throughout schools nationwide. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program is a comprehensive program that provides complete curricula for students (elementary through advanced), parents, inmates, rehabilitated youths (residents of halfway housing facilities), and community youth groups. Additional programs are being prepared for the military, police, business places and schools for the blind. The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program has made a positive impact on many lives in homes, schools, judicial systems, prison facilities and communities, in the United States as well as Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and Israel.

Changing Hearts & Minds

Changing Hearts & Minds

2004...The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program has been successfully introduced in the United States and nine other countries. Over 9000 introductory sample packets have been distributed nationwide and we have had over 400 pilot program participants in 19 states. 2002... The Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 organization and is publicly supported by tax deductible donations. 2001...In November of this year, the PSCEI was officially established as a non-profit organization in the state of Texas. 1994...The Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated began with a group of concerned parents and teachers whose keen observations led us to realize that positive character development was rapidly deteriorating in our society. Our concern prompted us to proactively embark on a mission to stop the decline and bring back positive character behaviors to society.

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Self-confidence has always been one of my good qualities. I am always very confident. It is in my nature to be confident, to be aggressive. And it applies in my batting as well as wicketkeeping.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

PSCEP Wise Words...

Developing positive character traits takes commitment, dedication and determination. Changing yourself from the inside is not always easy, but is well worth the effort.


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